Custom Blending / Packaging


As a private label custom blender, Ques Industries ensures your exact formulation specifications are met and exceeded – every time we manufacture. We manufacture products for a plethora of industries, ranging from EPA registered fungicides and biocides to concrete additives and solvents.

Our turnaround time is of particular importance: In 2015, we maintained a 96% turnaround time threshold of 24-48 hours for orders placed prior to noon, with a 48-72 hour turnaround for orders placed after noon. We pride ourselves on being one of the fastest manufacturers in the industry, allowing you to worry less on whether your customer will receive their product timely.


Our blending capabilities include both liquid and dry manufacturing, and range from single drum quantities to 6,000 gallon full bulk aqueous solutions, as well as dry productions ranging from 50 pounds up to 10,000 pounds.

Our packaging capabilities encompass the whole spectrum of options: quart bottles to 275 gallon IBC's and full bulk shipments for liquid, and the whole gambit of dry packaging options ranging from small bottles to super sacks.

Quality Control

Our technical department has over 150 cumulative years of experience spanning a wide variety of industries. Additionally, we have built double and triple checks for quality control into our ISO procedurals, requiring follow-up verification for your formulations at the day after, week after, and month after points – increasing our ability to ensure that both you and your end-user are receiving the exact quality specifications you expect, maintained over time.

Post-Production Capabilities

With tens of millions of pounds of outbound sales today, Ques has positioned itself well with competitive freight rates – all of which are directly extended to customers. Our team works directly with individual carriers, logistics companies and freight forwarders to ensure your shipment gets to its final destination by the time you need it, regardless of the circumstances.

We boast about our thirty five years in the industry and technical capabilities, but the true boasting is about our personnel – with two-thirds of our employees having been with us for over 15 years and the majority remaining being in the 5-15 year range, Ques has next to no turnover – ensuring that the same individuals will be around to provide technical experience, manufacture your product, ensure proper quality, assist with shipping, and know exactly what we need to do to meet and exceed your expectations every time.

We like to think that not many companies can include that as a benefit!

Custom Blending
Custom Blending